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Wednesday, 23 March 2011 14:56

Letting Go of the Words

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A full-day, very practical workshop with Ginny Redish

June 2, 2011


People come to web sites for the content. Of course, navigation, a good search engine, and engaging design are all critical. But compelling, useful, scannable content is even more critical.

Come join Ginny Redish, author of the very popular book on writing for the web, Letting Go of the Words – Writing Web Content that Works. Hone your skills at selecting, organizing, writing, and formatting great content for your web site.

In this day-long, very practical, highly-interactive workshop, Ginny will show you how you can make your web site the one people come to, stay with, buy from, or use as their primary source of information.

You'll participate throughout the day. Ginny doesn't lecture; she involves workshop participants with discussions, examples, answers to your questions, and individual and small group practice.

Why join Ginny for this workshop?

Because it will change forever how you think of web content. You'll see that every use of your web site is a conversation started by your site visitor. You'll leave knowing how to make sure those conversations are successful. Specifically, you'll learn and practice how to

  • select content that meets your business goals while serving your users and their goals
  • break your content into manageable pieces
  • layer content to meet the needs of different users (using the concept of "bite, snack, meal")
  • cut! cut! cut! to keep the focus on your key messages
  • write great headings that help site visitors skim and scan and that work well for search engine optimization (SEO)
  • write in conversational style (and understand why that works even when the content is about health, science, technology, finance, and other serious subjects)
  • review and evaluate content with a persona-based, scenario-based technique that you can use in combination with Steve Krug's DIY usability testing

With examples from a variety of web sites, Ginny will show you how others have successfully

  • increased conversion rates by rewriting and reformatting just a little bit of text
  • found and exploited good "marketing moments" (because marketing online is different from marketing in print)
  • changed how they handle news online (because the life of a news release differs dramatically from old print days)

As a special feature in this workshop, Ginny will also include a module on content strategy—what it is, why it's so important, and an overview on how to get started bringing content strategy to your site.

Who should attend?

Anyone who works on web sites will benefit from this workshop. Whether it's your own small web site, or your blog, or you are part of a large commercial or government organization, creating useful, compelling content is crucial to your site's success.

  • Web content authors and editors will learn to write and revise so their copy is easy to find, easy to understand, easy to use – and works well for search engine optimization.
  • Web reviewers and managers will learn to recognize content that works and how to help content authors write well for the web.
  • Web designers and user experience designers will understand how to mesh design and content and create great user experiences.

"Ginny was absolutely fantastic!” — Participant in workshop on writing for the web; commercial client

"You are amazing. I can't wait 'til we can work with you again.”
— Participant in workshop on writing for blogs and other web pages; federal government client