I work collaboratively with your team. I love to mentor. Your team builds skills as we work together.

What can I do for you?

Content strategy




I can help you

  • plan the content for your website
  • coordinate content across groups and across media, including social media
  • inventory and analyze your current content
  • decide what to keep, what to archive, what to delete, what to write
  • develop templates and style guides
  • plan policies and procedures for web governance
  • make your website meet your business goals while meeting your site visitors' needs

Writing content for the web

I've written the book on how to do this.

I can write the content or work with your content writers as an editor and mentor. I help make sure the content

  • carries out your content strategy
  • meets your business and marketing goals
  • answers your site visitors' questions
  • is organized well so people can find what they need
  • is easy for people to skim and scan
  • is in the right language for your site visitors
  • works well for search engine optimization (SEO)

Training and mentoring

"Ginny was absolutely fantastic!” — Participant in workshop on writing for the web; commercial client

"You are amazing. I can't wait 'til we can work with you again.”
— Participant in workshop on writing for blogs and other web pages; federal government client

I’ve given hundreds of highly-interactive hands-on seminars and workshops. I always get participants involved in discussions and practice. Even my short talks are interactive.

I customize every workshop to the needs and examples of the group I am working with.

Topics include:

  • Writing for the Web—Content as Conversation
  • Plain Language
  • Clear Rule (Regulation) Writing / Clear Legal Writing
  • Clear Writing for Letters and Notices

User experience and usability research and evaluation


software and web applications



I helped pioneer many of the widely-used techniques in the usability specialist's toolkit. I can help with

  • field studies of users at work
  • critical incident interviews
  • usability tests (iterative, formative testing at all stages, in‑person and remote)
  • expert reviews; heuristic evaluations
  • personas
  • scenarios
  • analysis, easy-to-use reports, interactive presentations of results and recommendations, facilitating meetings to review findings and decide on changes

I bring in associates to collaborate on interaction design, interface design, graphic design, prototyping, and programming.

Other research


older adults


Working with wonderful partners, I've conducted empirical qualitative and quantitative studies on topics like these:

  • how blind and low-vision users work with websites
  • older adults and the web
  • language on ballots (voting)

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