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See this separate web page for descriptions and links to my work and other resources on plain language in ballots and other materials for voters and poll workers.

See this separate web page for descriptions and links to my work and other resources on making websites work well for older people.

Redish, J. C., 2013, Letting Go of the Words -- Writing Great Copy, Confab London (slide set, PDF, 2.6 Mb)

Redish, J. C., 2012, Practice on personas for specific content, UserFocus, October (one page)

Redish, J. C., 2012, Writing Web Content that Works, UxLx 2012, Lisbon, May (slide set, PDF, 3 Mb)

Redish, J. C., 2011, Writing Vibrant, Compelling Copy -- The Content in Content Strategy, Confab2011, Minneapolis, May. (slide set, PDF, 2.6 Mb)

Redish, J. C., 2011, Content as Conversation, Big Redux, Silver Spring, MD, April. (slide set, PDF, 1.8 Mb)

Courage, C., Jain, J., Redish, J. C., and Wixon, D., 2011, Task Analysis, In J. Jacko and A. Sears, (Eds.), Handbook of Human-Computer Interaction, 3rd edition, Lawrence Erlbaum

  • The 2nd edition is Courage, C., Redish, J. C., and Wixon, D., 2008, Task Analysis, In J. Jacko and A. Sears, (Eds.), Handbook of Human-Computer Interaction, 2nd edition, Lawrence Erlbaum, Chapter 48, 927-947.

  • The 1st edition is Redish, J. C. and Wixon, D., 2003, Task Analysis, In J. Jacko and A. Sears, (Eds.), Handbook of Human-Computer Interaction, 1st edition, Lawrence Erlbaum, Chapter 48, 923-940.

Redish, J. C., 2010, Technical Communication and Usability: Intertwined Strands and Mutual Influences, IEEE Transactions on Professional Communication, 53 (3), September, 191-201. (PDF, 332 Kb)

Redish, J. C., 2010, Content as Conversation, keynote to IPCC conference, Enschede, The Netherlands, September. (slide set, PDF, 1.9 Mb)

An earlier talk on the same theme:

Redish, J. C., 2008, Writing as an Asynchronous Conversation, Society for Technical Communication Conference, Philadelphia, June. (slide set, PDF, 2 Mb)

Redish, J. C., 2010, Writing Vibrant, Compelling Content, User Interface Engineering Virtual Seminar, September (webinar)

Redish, J. C., 2009, Shifting Your Focus: Content as Conversation, Rosenfeld Media Future Practice Webinar, May (webinar)

Redish, J. C., 2009, Writing Web Content that Works, User Interface Engineering Virtual Seminar, February (webinar)

Redish, J. C., 2007, Showing Your Value, Language at Work, #3, Autumn, 5-10.

Redish, J. C., 2003 reprint of 1995 paper, Adding value as a professional technical communicator, Technical Communication, 50 (4), November, 505-518.

Theofanos, M. F. and Redish, J. C., 2005, Helping Low-vision and Other Users with Web Sites That Meet Their Needs: Is One Site for All Feasible? Technical Communication, 52 (1), February, 9-20. Hosted here with permission of the Society for Technical Communication (STC). For more from STC's journal, visit the Technical Communication web site.

Theofanos, M. F. and Redish, J. C., 2003, Guidelines for accessible and usable web sites: Observing users who work with screen readers, Interactions, X (6), November-December, 38-51.

  • The printed version is available online to members of ACM:

  • For personal use only, you may download our "authors' version" (html or pdf) from this web site. This version includes figures for which there was no space in Interactions. (pdf, 900 KB)

Note: Although the findings and guidelines in this article are still very useful, the article was published several years ago. Many of the links that we cite in the article are no longer valid.
You can also read this article in Serbo-Croatian, translated by Jovana Milutinovich.
An important paper by Kathryn Summers and Michael Summers showing that when you revise for low-literacy readers everyone benefits: Summers, K. and Summers, M, 2005, Reading and navigational strategies of web users with lower literacy skills, Proceedings from ASIS&T 2005. Hosted here with permission of the author.

Redish, J. C., 2004, Yours, mine, and ours: Connecting ourselves and the communities we belong to, Keynote at the Usability Professionals' Association Conference. (slide set, PDF, 965 Kb)

Redish, J. C., 2002, Foreword (a discussion of communities), In B. Mirel and R. Spilka, (Eds.), Reshaping Technical Communication, Lawrence Erlbaum, vii-xii.

Redish, J. C., 2001, Storytelling: The Power of Scenarios, Goldsmith Award presentation at the IPCC conference, Santa Fe, October (slide set, PDF, 840 Kb)

Redish, J. C., 2000, Readability formulas have even more limitations than Klare discusses, ACM Journal of Computer Documentation, 24 (3), August, 132-137.

An earlier article on the same theme – why not to use readability formulas:

Redish, J. C. and Selzer, J., 1985, The Place of Readability Formulas in Technical Communication, Technical Communication, 32 (4), November, 46-52.

Redish, J. C., 2000, What Is Information Design? Technical Communication, 47 (2), May, 163-166.

A short checklist of a few information design guidelines for paper documents

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